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A veteran of the US Air Force, Ryan Campbell is currently a full-time student at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he is pursuing a master’s degree in Business Administration. Previously, he graduated summa cum laude from the United States Air Force Academy, with a bachelor of science in Business Management. His academic, athletic, and leadership excellence received recognition from the superintendent. Campbell won the Dean’s Ace award twice, as the top 1% of students out of 4000. Additionally, he achieved a perfect score on the physical fitness test.

In the Air Force, Ryan Campbell also led the academic program for all 4000 cadets enrolled and began the Air Force Academy’s first ever e-textbook program. Among his other accomplishments, Campbell participated in a national political science event as part of the leadership team, served as second in command for Basic Cadet Training in 2010, and played for the varsity football team.

Ryan Campbell has always been interested in both fitness and technology. Ryan Campbell’s specific interest in fitness has pivoted more towards HIIT (high-intensity interval training) as well as weightlifting. He has competed in several local and state “Men’s Physique” fitness contests. The two competition styles, however, are different in that bodybuilding is judged on muscle size and symmetry, whereas physique refers more to the muscular aesthetics.

Ryan Campbell’s most recent employment as a component of his MBA program was with AMGEN, the world’s largest independent biotech company, as an Operations Leadership intern. He led a business case analysis on an evolving big data regulatory requirement out of Europe. During his time he researched competitors, conducted internal stakeholder interviews, and provided recommendations to senior leadership on developing and implementing a comprehensive data management strategy.

Ryan Campbell blogs about this and more on his websites: RyancampbellAirForce.io and RyanCambellAirforce.net. Some of his most recent topics have included the perks of networking in person, tips for building high performing teams within your company, tips for goal setting and how to handle feeling overwhelmed. He has also explored topics like the importance of core values, the best fitness gadgets of 2018, fitness apps and fitness myths and truths.

In 2011, Ryan Campbell’s Air Force career commenced, as a project officer in spectrum management under the SBIRS systems engineering group. There, he created the program’s first-ever joint Unfunded Requirements process with primary contractor Lockheed Martin. Later, Ryan Campbell Air Force went on to expand the process, which documents, prioritizes, and recommends packages for senior funding decisions. He was promoted to project manager in Enterprise Systems Management. Eventually, Campbell was promoted again to Executive Officer. In addition to his time in the services, Ryan founded Campbell Capital, Inc., where he managed a family fund designed to trade equity index options and a futures portfolio for three clients.


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