Feeling overwhelmed can happen when gets to be too much to handle. Most people experience it when they have a heavy workload, chaotic home life, or are involved in a traumatic event. There are strategies and breathing exercises you can engage in to lessen the burden and reduce the panic that comes with feeling overwhelmed. Managing your thought processes and learning time management skills can help. Here are some common causes of feeling overwhelmed and how you can get control of your emotions during challenging times.

The Fear Of What’s To Come

When we fear negative outcomes in a particular situation, we will try anything to make it go our way. This fear can become intense and scary to consider. Walk the scenario through in your mind and try to come up with different ways to respond. Think about how you would handle the worst outcome possible. Even though it’s not what you want to happen, looking at it directly can help you see things more clearly.

Not Having All Of The Answers

A lot of people are “fixers,” but it’s not always that easy. When they are faced with tough situations finding a solution can create worry, anxiety, and overwhelm. It can also cause poor decision making and lead to depression. Relaxation is critical during these times as stress will interfere with creative thinking.

Overactive Brain

Uncertainty, fear of adverse outcomes, and not having solutions will make anyone’s mind race. Learning how to accept these thoughts instead of pushing them away, can help you connect with your inner self and separate from the thought. When the overwhelming feeling arises, do whatever it takes to help you get into the present moment. This could be anything from exercise, to meditation, whichever works for you. Don’t suppress your thoughts or feelings. Acknowledge them, and they will soon pass when you don’t resist.

Breathing exercises can develop attention and focus, calm the nervous system, and help reconnect with your inner self. Our fight-or-flight response is healthy and helpful in life-threatening situations. However, when this response is activated too frequently, it can cause us to become mentally and physically exhausted.

Every time you are feeling overwhelmed, practice your breathing, self-care, and participate in activities that are healthy and uplifting.