There are some salespeople who contend that no true deals ever close without at least one face-to-face meeting. Some might wonder why this seems to be true, and the reasons really are pretty simple. Human beings communicate with each other on multiple levels. Eye contact, body language and even pheromones play a part in how one person reacts to another.

Good salespeople can take advantage of their knowledge of these realities and others to give themselves an advantage in person. So can anyone who is looking for a way to make an emotional connection to a client, a potential customer or even a future boss. If you are looking for ways to improve your networking skills, here are some things to consider about face-to-face interaction.

Emotional Connection

Human beings have something no computer will ever have, and that is a human face. The brain is an organ uniquely equipped to read the human face and to derive important information from it. Women, for example, are renowned for asking “what’s wrong?” to a person who has no idea their face is giving away their thoughts and their emotional state of mind.

This kind of emotional connection can have long-lasting and valuable effects on a professional relationship. It is the first and best “perk” of the in-person strategy. People who do well in these meetings are said to “get it” and are usually first choice for future business.


When someone takes the time to show up in person, it demonstrates a level of commitment that can’t be simulated remotely. Politicians know this well, which is why almost all political campaigns involve in-person rallies, town halls and other kinds of events which bring the candidate directly to the voters. Forming professional relationships in this context can put a counterparty’s fears at ease and relieve tension.

Anyone whose business relies on these relationships will agree reducing or eliminating that anxiety is a crucial step in clearing the way for future business.


With the explosive rise in trade shows and industry events, the facilities available for business development meetings, introductions and the expansion of one’s network of colleagues and sources of information has grown considerably as well. Now, events have become one of the best excuses for meetings and one of the places where many lucrative deals that might otherwise have never found traction.

As every salesperson and businessperson knows, making money is a mechanical process. You find what works and repeat that. Selling in person works, which is one reason why the face-to-face meeting will always be a top choice.