No matter what type of business you work in, you can count on one thing. You will inevitably work in a team at some point in your tenure there.  As a leader within your company, you may be in charge of creating these teams. What are some tips for building the most high performing teams? Read on to find out:


Build Diverse Teams

Research shows that the most successful teams are teams that represent the largest and most diverse groups of people. If you build a team of solely middle aged men all with the same experience level, you will get a lot less on your return than you would with a diverse team full of both women and men of differing experience levels.  Lindred Greer, an associate professor of organizational behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business writes the following in regards to building a diverse team:


“Members should have different ways of thinking, different backgrounds and styles of work, different expertise,” she says. “Bring optimists and pessimists together; pair risk-takers with risk-avoiders; balance genders. In other words, design a team around complementary but distinct attitudes and strengths.”


Set Ground Rules

Once you have established your teams, you want to create team goals and values. How do you do this? Start with ground rules. Ground rules can include things like: what are the best times for meetings, or what are some things you want your team to focus on and things your team does not have to focus on?  Now that you have these ground rules in place you can begin officially establishing your team by formalizing the values and goals you envision for your team.


Foster teamwork

As the leader of your company, it falls on you to ensure that teams work well together in order to reach the optimal results. Once you have built diverse teams with their own set of ground rules, it is time to foster teamwork. How do you do this? Encourage teams to share any and all pertinent or helpful information to their teams and the team at large. Also, encourage teams to come to you with any suggestions or concerns as they work towards a team goal.


As a leader, team building is one of your most important jobs. It is an ongoing process that will change constantly, but several key components will remain the same. Teams should be diverse, they should have ground rules that everyone agrees to follow and you as their leader should help foster teamwork as much as possible.