Everyone wants to be seen in the best light possible. However, people engage in activities and behaviors that cause others to see them in a poor light. The following are a few of the most common self-defeating habits that cause people to see you in a poor light:

Engaging in Mindless Small Talk

When you work in an office setting, small talk is bound to happen. Instead of chiming in about the weather or the football game last night, try bringing up topics with more substance. Keep in mind that people form their opinions of you based off of the things you say, so make sure you put thought into your small talk. Elevate your small talk so that you leave a good impression. You can discuss your large goals, your side hustle or even an industry topic. This lets people know that you take your profession seriously.

Using Limiting Words

The words that you use shape the way people see you. If you consistently engage in negative talk or the use of limiting words like “don’t”, “can’t” or “try,” people will not see you in the best light. Instead of saying “I’ll try” when someone asks you to complete a task, say “I’ll do it.” This is more confident and helps people to believe in your abilities. When you tell someone that you will “try” to do something, you are also telling them that there is a chance for failure. Other limiting words include: “need,” “bad” or “won’t.”

Resisting Change

Life and business and full of change. Instead of resisting it, try to embrace change in the workplace as much as possible. When you do this, you are letting others know that you are adaptable and flexible. When you are resistant to change you become controlling which serves to lower your overall morale and attitude towards work and life when things don’t go your way. Not only that but when you fear change, you are telling other people that you are not willing to be flexible.

If you want people to see you in the best light possible, there are several actions you must stop engaging in. You cannot be resistant to change, engage in mindless chatter or use limiting words in your vocabulary. All of these things may seem minor but the cause people to see you in a bad light.