Everyone wants to be seen for who they really are and what they are capable of, both in and out of the office.  Unfortunately, too many of us engage in behaviors at work that cause others not to take us seriously. The following are some of the most common behaviors that employees do that cause others not to take them seriously:

Being Modest

If you want people to take you and your competency seriously, you need to stop being modest. When someone asks you a question at work, answer confidently. While modesty and humility are looked highly upon outside of the workplace, inside the workplace, you must assert yourself and your abilities. When you engage in behaviors like making self-deprecating comments or dumbing down your responses, others take that in and it affects their view of you.

Showing up Late

No matter how lenient your office is when it comes to punctuality, make it a point to be early or on time every single day. This does not just apply to arriving at work either. When you have a meeting scheduled for a certain time, make sure you are not only there but prepared ahead of time. You may think no one notices when you arrive a few minutes late to the office or to the meeting, but people are always watching and forming impressions. If you want to be taken seriously, you want people to form positive impressions of you as much as possible.

Using Slang, Profanity or Colloquialisms

As the office culture in American becomes more and more casual, as does the language in the workplace. More and more people are using profanity in the office, slang, and colloquialisms. If you want to be taken seriously in the workplace, do not engage in this type of language. People may take this as a sign that you are uneducated or unprofessional.

In the workplace, you are constantly being assessed by your colleagues and leadership members. If you aspire to move up the ladder and eventually be a leader in the company as well, you must be taken seriously. By following the above tips, you will be known as a force to be reckoned with in the office.